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Brenda Cruz 

Starting in her teenage years, Brenda has been very involved with figuring out a way to cover up her vitiligo, a skin condition that causes loss of skin color in blotches.  Since then, she has actively tried to learn anything she can about makeup, whether it was by striking up conversation with the ladies at MAC or Sephora, or by practicing techniques on her own.  Soon, others started to admire her artistry, which turned family members, friends, and acquaintances into clients.  Her confidence in blending colors to get the correct hue for all skin types, has come with many years of experience.  


In 2015, Brenda decided to bring her passion and creativity to the wedding industry by working as a makeup artist in Michiana where she has serviced close to 100 bridal parties.  In the summer of 2020, Brenda was a part of a team of vendors that worked on Stardust Solstice—Wedding Day Magazine 2020 Styled Shoot Competition Winner.  Brenda worked on the makeup portion of this styled shoot. Her talents have taken her from teenage school days to winning major competitions.  Know that Brenda will always bring her “A” game to your event.


Amber Linville

Growing up in the Beauty Industry, Amber was extremely talented at a young age.  Her passion for the art of makeup, led her to create new ways of bringing out the beauty from within. Amber had many volunteers for her artistry.  Which made her in high demand for many different events.


This led her to attend school at Vogue.  There she studied to be an Esthetician.  Thus, fueling the enthusiasm of creating that perfect illusion of beauty.  Amber decided to embark on the journey to create elegance, refinement and style through her artistry.  She has been creating the picture perfect bride since 2015.


Amber's enthusiasm for discovering new ways of bringing out  each individual's best features is her passion. She will always go the extra step to make sure your day is the most important event ever!


Johana Montes

The creative mind will always find a way to express itself, and Johana’s creativity has been finding a way through illuminating beauty.  She has been experimenting with new techniques since she was a young adult.  Testing and perfecting her talent on herself and others who sought her creativity. 


Not only did Johana become a self-taught makeup artist, but in June of 2017, she studied to become a certified lash technician, and in 2018, she joined Brenda in servicing bridal parties in the Michiana area.  Her talents have led her to become sought after in the industry. She has accomplished many highly successful sessions in the wedding industry and looks forward to yours.   


With talent, commitment and enthusiasm Johana will make your special day her priority.

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